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Fix Price installed more than 4 thousand self-service checkouts

Fix Price установил более 4 тыс. касс самообслуживания

The Fix Price chain announced the installation of more than 4,000 self-service checkouts (SSR). The largest number of them was found in the Moscow region (384), Moscow (366), Krasnodar region (230), St. Petersburg (158) and Chelyabinsk region (118).

Фото: Fix Price

Photo: Fix Price

Taking into account the pace of development of the network, by the end of 2024 it is planned to put into operation more than 600 more self-service cash registers.

As of May 2024, about a third (31%) of all checks are processed through self-checkout. The number of checks processed through CSR increased from 3 million in May 2023 to 7 million in May 2024.

“Among the innovations in the functionality of self-service checkouts, it is worth noting the development of integration with the Smartplayer system, the completion of which is scheduled for the end of July. This integration will allow the company to centrally manage advertising content displayed between payment sessions,” said Oleg Leksin, head of the Fix Price IT service.

The Fix Price network re-registered from Cyprus to Kazakhstan

The Fix Price network has completed a project to implement a video analytics system

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