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Exceptionally warm season and corn pests. Which of them can become harmful?

Wyjątkowo ciepły sezon a szkodniki kukurydzy. Które z nich mogą stać się szkodliwe?

Climatologists' forecasts for the current growing season say that it may be a record-breaking warm year. Will it be so? – time will tell. February, March and the beginning of April were warm, then cooled down, then warmed up again in mid-May, and problems with spring drought reappeared.

As indicated by IMWM-PIB announcements, the average area air temperature in February 2024 in Poland was 5.7°C and was as much as 5.8 degrees higher than the long-term average for this month in the years 1991-2020. In March 2024, the average area air temperature was 6.7°C and was as much as 3.6 degrees higher than the long-term average for this month. The data from these two months were marked "extremely warm" by IMWM. The average area air temperature in April 2024 in Poland was 10.5°C and was 1.9 degrees higher than the long-term average for this month. IMWM considered April to be anomalously warm. May was also one of the warmest months in the history of measurements conducted by IMWM.

IUNG report. Podlasie is most affected by drought. Yields will be much lower there
It cannot be denied that this year the impact of weather on nature must have been very significant, because there were disturbances in the phenology of various plants, which prematurely compared to previous years entered subsequent stages of development, including flowering (e.g. rapeseed), and then they even had to deal with cold or frost.

Accelerating corn vegetation

Of course, you can completely ignore the IMWM-PIB announcements about breaking new heat records in individual months of this year, but everyone who deals with plants and is interested in them has seen with their own eyes this year how much plant vegetation has accelerated. Enjoying the lilac blooming at the beginning of April may bring a breath of spring, but it is an anomaly that is not good for nature.

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