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E-commerce tricks. How do e-stores attract customers?

Triki e-commerce. Czym e-sklepy przyciągają klientów?

E-commerce in Poland is still strong. Sales and share in trade are growing

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E-commerce in Poland is still strong. Sales and share in trade are growing

In the era of e-commerce, it is not enough to just be online to sell. Entrepreneurs must meet consumers' expectations and attract their attention in many different ways – also visually. There are approximately 66,000 in Poland. online stores, and Dun&Bradstreet Poland forecasts predict that this number will increase to 70,000 by the end of this year. In 2023 alone, 8,000 were created. new shopping sites. This means that the market is becoming more and more competitive, and building a store that stands out from others is becoming more and more challenging.

– Although it may seem that the appearance of an online store is not that important in the entire process of building an online business, the numbers speak for themselves. Almost 40% of users stop using a website they find unattractive. It is worth building a unique image from the beginning that will be associated with the brand and thus attract customers – says Artur Halik, Head of Sales, Shoper. – With this in mind, we have recently released the latest version of the Shoper system, i.e. Storefront. This is a technology in which our customers can use an intuitive online store template creator. It contains dozens of modules that can be implemented using the drag and drop method. We wanted everyone, not only technologically advanced people, to be able to create an attractive and, above all, very functional online store on their own – he adds.

Appearance is not everything

The website design, apart from the visual layer, must focus on user experience, i.e. User Experience. UX includes elements such as comfort and speed of use, website readability and ease of navigation, and functionality on various devices. As data shows[2], a properly designed user interface can increase a website's conversion rate by 200%, while a better UX can increase it by up to 400%. The same statistics show that 88% of online shoppers are less likely to return to a site they have had a bad experience with.

– In Poland, almost 80% of consumers buy online. Therefore, in order to reach potential customers as effectively as possible, entrepreneurs no longer have to choose between the aesthetics, attractiveness of the website and its usability. These elements must go hand in hand and complement each other. We see among our clients, for example by using new tools, that they are open to changes and are constantly looking for opportunities to improve their business – comments Artur Halik.

These are the days without coding

The process of creating online stores is also changing. The tools available today allow you to build websites yourself without knowing any programming languages. This model can be compared to stacking blocks. In addition to its attractive appearance, each module offers additional options and opportunities to develop the website's functionality.

– After many conversations with our clients, we noticed that what they care about most is the option to independently create, edit and manage graphic templates, and thus the appearance of the store. They want to be able to make changes quickly without being dependent on intermediaries. We realize that a store is a living organism that responds to external factors, such as quick promotions, sales peaks and shopping peaks. Entrepreneurs should be sure that their websites are ready for each of these possibilities, and they can make changes on an ongoing basis – explains Adrian Słowik, Head of Product Developement, Shoper.

Regardless of the method, the process of building or improving an online store must be comprehensive. Both appearance and functionality can be both the strongest and the weakest side of a business, determining its success.


[2] as above

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