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Ductless mobile air conditioners: convenience and efficiency

Mobilieji oro kondicionieriai be žarnos: patogumas ir efektyvumas

Summer heat can be exhausting even in the most comfortable home. At such times, air conditioners come to the rescue, but we do not always want or can install a stationary system. A great alternative is mobile air conditioners. And recently, mobile conditioners without a hose have become more and more popular, which offer even more convenience and flexibility.

How do hoseless mobile air conditioners work?

Unlike traditional mobile air conditioners, which need to remove warm air through a window or wall using a hose, these models work on the principle of evaporation. They take warm air from the room, pass it through a wet filter where the air loses some of its moisture as it cools, and then return the cool air back into the room.

Advantages of mobile conditioners without a hose:

  • Convenience and flexibility: There is no need to install an exhaust hose, so the air conditioner can be easily moved from one place to another. This is especially convenient if you want to cool different rooms at different times.
  • Easy installation: Just place the conditioner on a flat surface, plug it into the power outlet and fill the tank with water.
  • Compactness: These conditioners are generally smaller and lighter than models with a discharge hose, so they take up less space and are easier to transport.
  • Environmental aspect: Uses natural cooling processes and does not require freons, making them more environmentally friendly.
  • Multifunctionality: Some models can not only cool, but also dehumidify the air, which is useful in high humidity.

Disadvantages of mobile air conditioners without a hose:

  • Less efficient: Compared to models with an exhaust hose, these conditioners are slightly less efficient. This is because some of the heat is removed along with the evaporated moisture.
  • Lower cooling capacity: Suitable for smaller rooms, usually up to 20-25 m².
  • Water tank care: The water tank should be filled and cleaned regularly to prevent mold growth.
  • Noise: Some models can be quite noisy, especially when cooling at maximum power.

Things to consider when choosing a hoseless mobile air conditioner:

  • Size of the room: Choose an air conditioner model whose cooling capacity corresponds to the size of the room.
  • Noise level: If noise bothers you, choose a quiet model.
  • Energy efficiency: Pay attention to the energy efficiency class.
  • Features: Some models have additional features such as timer, remote control, auto shut-off, etc.
  • Price: The prices of mobile air conditioners without a hose can vary from a few hundred to a thousand euros.

Ductless mobile air conditioners are a great choice for those looking for a convenient and flexible way to cool their home in the summer. They are especially suitable for small rooms where it is not possible to install a stationary system. When choosing an air conditioner, it is important to consider the size of the room, noise level, energy efficiency, functions and price.

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