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Drastic reductions in prices of fattened pigs. The lowest rates in many months

Drastyczne obniżki cen tuczników. Stawki najniższe od wielu miesięcy

Let us remind you: last week's VEZG session ended with the first change in the recommended purchase price of fattening pigs in over four months. As we know, it was not a change for good – during one quotation, the rate dropped by 10 eurocents, which means one of the highest declines in the history of quotations of a "large stock exchange".

Drastic reduction in prices of fattened pigs on the German major stock exchange

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Drastic reduction in prices of fattened pigs on the German major stock exchange

Prices of fattened pigs in the country

Therefore, the price correction in domestic purchases was not a surprise – over the past week, prices for fattened pigs dropped by several dozen cents.

Domestic purchasers currently pay on average PLN 9.00 net per kilogram for fattened pigs in class E (according to the WBC classification), which means a decrease of as much as 30 groszy compared to last week. Prices range from PLN 8.75 to PLN 9.00 net per kilogram.

The average price of fattened pigs in live weight is currently PLN 6.90 net per kilogram, which means that over the course of a week, livestock has become cheaper by 30 groszy. Prices range from PLN 6.40 to PLN 7.60 net per kilogram.

In both cases, average purchase prices are the lowest since the end of February last year.

Check the current prices of fattened pigs!

Demand for pork is falling

According to Aleksander Dargiewicz, president of KZP-PTCh Polpig, the decreasing demand for pork is responsible for the recent price drops in Germany (and therefore also in Poland):

– German processors have reduced production and slaughter numbers to adapt to falling demand. Even the European Football Championship did not increase meat sales, and the beginning of the holidays further weakened demand. Germans go on holiday to southern Europe every season. Along with tourists, pork consumption is moving south, which will increase the demand for livestock in Spain – explains Dargiewicz.

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