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Do you like playing on the computer? IKEA has a job for you

Lubisz grać na komputerze? IKEA ma dla ciebie pracę

Ikea is introducing a new initiative called The Co-Worker, which will launch at the end of June. As part of it, participants will work in a virtual version of the Ikea store, available in the Roblox game. This educational game, created in 2006, allows users to create their own gameplay scenarios. Ikea adapted it to its needs, creating a digital store in which players will perform tasks typical of real network employees.

Virtual employees will help customers choose furniture and operate the bistro, serving iconic Swedish meatballs. The website informs that the number of jobs is limited to 10 people. Recruitment lasts from June 3 to 16, and interviews will take place remotely on June 14-18. Applicants must complete a short form on The Co-Worker website and answer three creative questions.

Over PLN 500 per day of playing

Ikea offers an hourly rate of £13.15 or €14.80, which translates to approximately PLN 64. This means that you can earn over PLN 500 for a full 8-hour working day. The offer is fully remote and flexible, which may be attractive for young people who want to gain their first professional experience during the holidays. The condition is that you must be 18 years old and have British or Irish citizenship.

Problems with summer work in Poland

While Ikea offers unique earning opportunities for gamers, the situation on the Polish summer job market is not so rosy. The hotel industry in Tricity is struggling with the problem of lack of people willing to work, despite attractive offers. Jacek Hołubowski, an entrepreneur from Gdańsk, admitted in an interview with "Gazeta Wyborcza" that despite being offered a salary of PLN 6,000. PLN per month, it is difficult to find employees. Despite seemingly decent earnings, young people are not willing to do seasonal work, which is a challenge for entrepreneurs.

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