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Demand for specialists working with China increased by 76%

Спрос на работающих с Китаем специалистов вырос на 76%

Avito Works experts studied the dynamics of vacancies and average offered salaries for specialists working with China. According to the platform, in the first half of 2024 the number of such vacancies increased by 76% compared to the same period last year. At the same time, the most such specialists are required in the field of transport and logistics – it accounts for 30.9% of vacancies from all advertisements.



In the first half of this year, candidates for the position of a specialist working with China or knowing the Chinese language could count on an average of 75,418 rubles per month for a full-time job. The transport and logistics sector has become the leader in the growth of vacancies involving work with China – over the year, the demand for such employees increased 4.4 times (+343%).

“In the field of transport and logistics, we need forwarding drivers for international flights to China and other countries, as well as managers and executives for logistics and foreign trade activities. The increased demand for these employees is associated with the growth in Chinese-Russian trade. It is worth noting that salary offers for specialists associated with China were, on average, higher than in the market as a whole. In the first half of this year, such applicants were offered an average of 92,879 rubles per month, while the all-Russian average salary offers in this industry amounted to 80,681 rubles per month,” commented the director of the Taxi, Transport and Logistics category at Avito Works » Artem Egorenkov.

Against the background of the increased volume of trade with China, there is a need for more specialists who speak Chinese. The demand for education and science employees teaching Chinese increased more than 2 times (+114%) over the year, and the average salary offers for such candidates amounted to 50,114 rubles per month.

A significant increase in the number of vacancies whose descriptions mention China in the first half of 2024 also occurred in the construction sector (+89%) and the automotive business (+86%). In construction, new employees working with Chinese equipment were offered an average of 75,585 rubles in the first half of 2024.

Some of the highest average salaries offered for new employees at employers associated with China are in the automotive business – 102,453 rubles per month. Job seekers can count on such salary offers in companies that supply cars and spare parts from China. Now such companies are looking for a wide range of specialists: automobile sales managers, transport technicians, transport purchasing specialists, auto electricians and auto mechanics, technical support specialists and others.

There was a 67% increase in vacancies for specialists at visa centers processing documents for China compared to the first half of last year. On average, employers were willing to offer applicants for such positions 65,106 rubles per month at full-time employment.

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