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Dead fish in the Oder. The highest level of warning was issued in Frankfurt (Oder).

Martwe ryby w Odrze. We Frankfurcie nad Odrą wydano najwyższy stopień ostrzeżenia

Unfortunately, reports from anglers and residents who have been seeing more and more dead fish on the river bank for several days are also confirmed by data from the German state environmental protection agency. Water measurement in Frankfurt (Oder) showed a high concentration of chlorophyll, which in turn may signal the re-blooming of golden algae – reports the website.

According to the agency, chlorophyll concentrations reached a new high of almost 400 µg/L late last week.

The reason is the massive development (bloom) of various species of algae, which are currently dominated by Prymnesium parvum (golden algae), we read in the release.

Golden algae is the common name for algae of the genus Prymnesium , which produce toxins and are considered the cause of the ecological disaster on the Odra River in 2022. Currently, both pH and oxygen measurements indicate the typical course of an algal bloom. Two years ago, a mass fish kill was caused by saline sewage and low water levels, which resulted in a large bloom of golden algae. This year, unlike last year, there is much more water in the river, but this may not prevent mass fish kills.

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