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Coceral increases its grain production forecast in the EU

Coceral zwiększa prognozę produkcji zbóż w UE

Greater grain production than in 2023.

If the forecast is confirmed, this will still be about 3.2 million tonnes more than production in 2023, says Coceral, the European association of agricultural traders.

Record rainfall at the end of last year negatively affected the sowing of winter cereals (wheat/barley) in northwestern Europe (France, Germany, Great Britain, the Baltic countries, Poland), while production in Spain will increase significantly compared to 2023.

Wheat production (excluding durum) is expected to be 134.5 million tonnes compared to 134.1 million tonnes in the March forecast. Forecast barley production is slightly lower, falling to 59.9 million tonnes from 61.2 million tonnes in the previous forecast, but rising from 54.4 million in 2023. Denmark, Finland and Spain will have better barley harvests than in 2023. , reports Coceral.

The EU27 and UK maize initial harvest is now expected to be 64.8 million tonnes, down from a forecast of 64.3 million tonnes in March and 1 million tonnes above production in 2023

Coceral also forecasts the EU-27 and UK rapeseed harvest to be 19.4 million tonnes, down from 20.2 million tonnes in the previous forecast and down from last year's 21.4 million tonnes.

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