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Business at marketplaces. In 2024, this fee increased

Biznes na targowiskach. W 2024 roku wzrosła ta opłata

For years, markets have been a traditional alternative to modern shopping centers. Despite radical changes in the structure of trade over the last 30 years, many people still choose to shop at the market. There may be many reasons for this, some people decide to go to markets in search of ecological products, others for home-made products, and for some it is even a cultural trend.

Is the construction of the old bridge route going to extinguish the city market?

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Is the construction of the old bridge route going to extinguish the city market?

Can you trade at the market without running a business?

The answer is surprisingly simple: yes, you can. However, there is a legal aspect that is worth remembering. In the case of small commercial activities of natural persons, known as unregistered activities, there is a certain limit on monthly income. Pursuant to applicable law, revenues in any month cannot exceed PLN 1,505 (50% of the minimum wage) in 2022.

However, there is an exception – people who have not run a business for the last 60 months can benefit from this type of income. Unregistered activity also exempts you from many formalities, such as:

  • entry into CEIDG,
  • ZUS contributions,
  • having NIP and REGON identification numbers.

Instead, it is enough to keep simplified sales records. However, it is worth remembering that despite these facilities, issuing a receipt or invoice remains obligatory at the buyer's request.

Do you need a permit to trade at the marketplace?

For many people, trading at the marketplace is a chance to earn extra money or run a business in a friendly atmosphere. However, can anyone just come in and start trading? Well, the matter is not as simple as it may seem.

In practice, a marketplace is a specific entity managed by an administrator who establishes the rules of use and supervises commercial activities within the marketplace. Obtaining a trade permit is usually tied to a specific trade fair venue, and these rules may vary from place to place.

The marketplace administrator has some room for maneuver when it comes to establishing regulations and principles of operation at a given facility. It is worth noting that regulations may differ between individual marketplaces. For example, one marketplace may prohibit the sale of coins and dairy products, while another does not.

How much does it cost to trade at the market? (market fee)

In 2022, the maximum market fee was set at PLN 852.75 per day . However, in subsequent years there have been noticeable increases in these fees. For example, for 2023 the rate was set at PLN 953.38 per day , which was a significant increase compared to the previous year.

Currently, in 2024, the maximum market fee is PLN 1,096.39 per day . This is another significant increase that will certainly affect traders' budgets and may have consequences for the entire exhibition industry.

It is worth noting that the market fee covers sales conducted outdoors, in areas specially designated for trade, such as market squares, parking lots or other dedicated commercial zones. However, it does not cover sales conducted in commercial buildings or parts thereof. This means that shops, sales points in shopping malls and other permanent commercial establishments are not subject to the market fee.

The decision to introduce a market fee and its amount depend on the local authorities , specifically the commune council . It is worth noting that although there is a maximum fee rate, not every commune has to introduce it in its area. Decisions regarding the amount of the fee and possible changes in its amount are usually made based on consultations with interested parties and an analysis of the needs of the local market.

How to bypass the market fee?

The market fee is a common expense for people running commercial activities at marketplaces. However, there are ways to avoid this fee by using the law.

Legal regulations regarding exemption from market fees are included in Article 16 of the Act on Local Taxes and Fees. In accordance with applicable regulations, the following are exempt from the market fee:

  • Persons and entities mentioned in Art. 15 section 1 , who are payers of real estate tax in connection with taxable objects located in marketplaces. This means that if you run a commercial activity in an area subject to real estate tax , you may be exempt from the market fee .
  • Farmers and their household members trading on Fridays and Saturdays , as defined in the Act of October 29, 2021 on facilitating trade on Fridays and Saturdays by farmers and their households. This is an important exemption because it allows farmers and their households to trade without having to pay additional fees.

Is the market fee mandatory?

Yes, the market fee is mandatory for all sellers who sell at markets or other designated outdoor places. Its payment is required to legally conduct business in such places.

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