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Birthdays of colleagues in the company: 5 ideas for congratulations

Kolegų gimtadieniai įmonėje: 5 idėjos, kaip pasveikinti

Colleagues' birthdays are a great opportunity to show exceptional attention and respect. By congratulating colleagues on their birthday and other important occasions, we show that they are an important part of the team. So, if you lack ideas on how to congratulate and what to give, in this article we will share 5 original ideas.

1. Video greeting

Does a colleague work in another city, remotely or on vacation? A funny video greeting can be a pleasant surprise. The video can be filmed for everyone individually or at once with the whole team. In it, you can tell funny stories, remember the beginning of acquaintance or celebrate achievements.

2. Gifts for the home

Knowing exactly where a colleague is on the day of their birthday can surprise them by delivering a greeting directly to their home or other location. It is enough to buy your favorite dessert, drink, balloons or flowers and use courier services. The completely unexpected arrival of the courier will certainly surprise and remain in the memory for a long time.

3. A surprise at the workplace

The culprit of the birthday can be pleasantly surprised at the workplace. It can be a specially decorated table, for example, covered with sticky notes with wishes or decorated with balloons, and the main gift is hidden in a drawer. Such a surprise will pleasantly surprise and let you understand that a colleague is really appreciated.

4. Festive entertainment

During the birthday lunch, together with the whole team, you can come up with festive entertainment. This could be a visit to an escape room, gathering around board games, etc. In addition, when working remotely, it is possible to gather in virtual spaces.

5. Practical gifts

Taking into account the company's values, practical accessories with the company's print can be presented to the birthday person. These can be drinking bottles, backpacks, notepads, pens, caps, t-shirts or jumpers. The most important thing is to choose useful and quality products.

You can view and purchase many details of the mentioned company's attributes online, one of the most popular choices today is undoubtedly quality jumpers: .

These are just 5 ideas on how you can pleasantly surprise your colleagues on the occasion of their birthday. When choosing a gift and thinking about how to give it, consider the character and interests of your colleague. Gifts that show you notice and care and are the most memorable.

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