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Biedronka will send another new Gang into battle. Will it win the hearts of kids and their parents' wallets?

Biedronka wyśle kolejny nowy Gang do boju. Podbije serca dzieciaków i portfele rodziców?

The last action of the network was Gang Mocniaków. Biedronka then created 11 stuffed animals (Woda Werka, Oranżada Ola, Pumpkin Dorotka, Banana Benek, Beverage Norbert, Croissant Radzio, Bread Henio, Egg Julek, Sausage Patrycja, Avocado Adaś and Krem Krzyś). The stuffed animals then represented products from 5 different categories that should be part of a balanced diet: vegetables and fruits, cereal products, products that are a source of protein, good fats and products that provide adequate hydration.

To receive the mascot for free, you had to collect 60 stickers. Each gang member could also be purchased at the regular price for PLN 49.99.

Loyalty campaigns in Biedronka. Millions of mascots and books

As we have established, Jeronimo Martins Polska, the operator of Biedronka stores, submitted a trademark application for registration at the Patent Office of the word "Gang Planeciaków". Then the "Fantastyczniaków Gang" was reported.

Loyalty campaigns are an important element of Biedronka's offer. As part of the campaigns organized so far, over 40 million mascots and over 6 million books have been distributed.

The campaigns are educational in nature and their target group is the youngest.

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