Prekybos naujienos

An invention of Polish scientists. Rolled grass without weeds

Wynalazek polskich naukowców. Trawa z rolki bez chwastów

The expected time of availability in stores in Poland is the turn of June and July this year. – the portal found out

Biodegradable grass from a roll is the first commercial project developed entirely by CBRTP scientists and experts. The pioneering solution is the beginning of a new product line that is intended to facilitate the sowing of plants.

Biocidal biodegradable nonwoven fabric

– While working on one of our projects, we created a biocidal, biodegradable nonwoven fabric. It quickly turned out that this material could have more applications. Recognizing its enormous potential, we decided to use it. The first and, as it turned out, successful idea was to use it in sowing plants. Last year we started tests that exceeded our expectations – says Grzegorz Putynkowski, president of the Center for Research and Development of Technology for Industry.

The non-woven fabric that the grass is made of is made of, among others: from polylactide, an environmentally friendly polymer made from corn starch. The innovation developed by CBRTP is fully biodegradable – it decomposes naturally, also serving as a nutrient for plants, which eliminates waste introduced into the ground. It can be used on uneven surfaces and does not need to be covered with a layer of soil. Just unfold the roll and after a few days or weeks (depending on the species), the grass begins to sprout. The non-woven fabric breaks down within a year, and by then it keeps weeds at bay, giving the grass time to grow.

Grass non-woven fabric in any shape

– Our grass non-woven fabric can be cut to the desired shape and attached to the ground with biodegradable pins so that it is not blown away by the wind. The non-woven fabric also prevents birds from pecking the seeds and washing them away by water. Additionally, it ensures a very even distribution of seeds over the entire surface. In this respect, it is a milestone compared to sowing with seeds alone, where the above difficulties occur. Of course, we remember that soils are different and require different preparation. For this reason, we will first introduce universal grass to sale – explains Grzegorz Putynkowski.

Floro Garden line

The CBRTP solution will be the first product of the Floro Garden line. In the future, the company plans to develop the brand by introducing other species of grass, flowers and vegetables. The biodegradable non-woven fabric will also hide the seeds of other plants, which will make it much easier to establish crops, e.g. in home gardens.

Data from Statista show that the sales value of the global market for gardening equipment and products will amount to nearly USD 130 billion in 2024. In turn, the global lawn and garden market is expected to generate this year. revenues of $0.35 trillion.

During 10 years of operation, CBRTP has implemented over 20 projects, and the value of the current pipeline is PLN 130 million. The Center for Research and Development of Technologies for Industry is an R&D hub for the industry, operating since 2013. The company also manages the VC Link fund, which invests in the areas of materials engineering, energy, automation and robotization of industry. The total value of the project portfolio exceeds PLN 248 million.

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