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Aldi Tests New Digital Loyalty Programme In Belgium

Aldi Tests New Digital Loyalty Programme In Belgium

Discounter Aldi is piloting its first-ever customer loyalty programme in Belgium.

The platform, accessible through an updated Aldi app, enables shoppers in 70 stores across the West Flanders and northern Hainaut regions to earn points on purchases. These points can be redeemed for free products or discounts.

When paying, customers scan the QR code in the Aldi app at the cash register and the points are automatically added to their Aldi profile.

This initiative marks a significant shift for Aldi Nord, which manages the retailer’s Belgian operations. Unlike most of its competitors, Aldi has traditionally focused on low prices, rather than relying on loyalty programmes. Thus, Belgium serves as a testing ground for the programme, with its success determining a wider rollout.

‘Changing Customer Preferences’

“We are adapting to changing customer preferences,” Jason Sevestre, spokesperson for Aldi Nord, told the Belga news agency. “This digital card complements our existing discounts and promotions, offering loyal customers a way to save even more.”

The selection of stores in which the app will be tested s strategic, he added, “The stores in the test region are highly representative of a successful evaluation. This includes bilingual stores, urban locations, and stores in rural areas.”

According to media reports, the test is being co-led and monitored in Germany by Aldi Nord with a view to a possible international launch.

By rewarding frequent shoppers, Aldi aims to strengthen customer relationships and compete more effectively in the loyalty programme landscape.

Aldi has over 440 stores in Belgium and a market penetration rate of over 80%.

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