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AB InBev Efes project for responsible alcohol sales is expanding

Проект AB InBev Efes по ответственной продаже алкоголя расширяется

The project, launched by the brewing company AB InBev Efes together with the project ambassador Alexander Sysoev, was joined by two more major partners – the ServiceGuru platform and the Bartenders Association of Russia.

Источник: AB InBev Efes

Source: AB InBev Efes

The Responsible Beverage Service (RBS) project was launched in 2023 and became another element of the federal social campaign AB InBev Efes “Art of Drinking”. It brings together all the company’s initiatives aimed at creating a culture of responsible alcohol consumption.

RBS digital training was developed together with international experts Jeff French and Myriam Sidibé. RBS consists of four blocks, each of which is accompanied by visual interactive cards and video lessons. As part of the training, you can learn about the signs of alcohol intoxication and how to determine them, factors affecting the absorption of alcohol, recommendations for resolving conflict situations with visitors, as well as legislative regulation.

Participation in the training is free, you can follow the link .

Involving new partners in the project will significantly expand the scope of RBS training and make it available to an even larger number of participants. Thus, interactive training is already available to more than 100 thousand users of ServiceGuru, an HR platform for training and caring for employees. The platform will host educational webinars and master classes for waiters and bartenders in order to develop the culture of consumption of alcoholic beverages. Last week, the first webinar on resolving conflict situations with visitors took place.

The Bartenders Association of Russia (B.A.R.), the largest association of bartenders, whose members have already become more than 500,000 people from all over the country, also joined the initiative. The association is the only one in Russia registered with the International Bartenders Association (IBA), which allows it to train staff in accordance with generally recognized international standards. Information about RBS training will be included in the association's key training manual to help ensure staff are trained to a high standard.

Sale of labeled beer in   bottles in   1C: Retail and   1C: UNF s   June 1, 2024   G.

AB InBev Efes: in 2023, sales of the non-alcoholic beer segment increased by 7%

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