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A special unit for honey authenticity is established

Powstaje specjalna jednostka ds. autentyczności miodu

The honey platform, which is a separate group of experts at the European Commission, is one of the new solutions introduced in connection with the amendment to Council Directive 2001/110/EC of December 20, 2001 relating to honey.

A honey platform is being created. What are his tasks?

According to the directive, the EU platform should:

– collect data on methods to improve the control of honey authenticity, in particular methods for detecting adulteration in honey, with a view to their possible harmonisation;
– provide recommendations on the traceability and traceability of honey;
– make recommendations for updating the composition criteria and other quality parameters set out in the Directive;
– make recommendations for the establishment of an EU reference laboratory.

The members of the platform are to be representatives of the competent authorities of the EU Member States responsible for the national implementation of the Honey Directive, covering regulatory and control aspects, including designated laboratories. Additionally, experts representing entrepreneurs, the academic community, civil society and, with appropriate knowledge and experience, additional experts appointed by the European Commission will participate in the work.

GIJHARS experts will participate in the work of the platform in the field of quality control, authenticity and traceability of honey.

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