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Alibaba founder Jack Ma visited Vilnius. What it might mean?

     In Lithuania we like foreigners, especially from China. Also we like to take selfies with them. There are plenty of photos with a nice Chinese guy, who probably came to Vilnius to see Gediminas tower and Trakai castle.
Now seriously. Jack Ma visited Lithuania. What it might mean?

Sources: “Alibaba founder Jack Ma visited Vilnius” „Lyg niekur nieko Vilniaus gatvėmis vaikštinėja „Alibaba“ įkūrėjas Jackas Ma“ „Alibaba billionaire founder Jack Ma spotted in Vilnius“ „Alibaba“ įkūrėjas lankėsi Vilniuje „Vilniuje susitiko ir pasikalbėjo su vienu įtakingiausių pasaulio žmonių – „Alibaba“ savininku“ „В Литву приехал необычный гость: по улицам Вильнюса ходит основатель Alibaba“
     And there is some parallel information to think that Lithuanian Post signed cooperation agreement with China Post:
“Lithuania Post to Become European Logistics Hub for Shipments from China”
After the Ministry of Transport and Communications and the Chinese National Post Office signed a memorandum of understanding on closer cooperation between Lietuvos Pastas (Lithuania Post) and the Chinese Post in April of 2018, an agreement was reached to develop a new route that would involve transportation of postal shipments by rail from Chongqing, China to Vilnius. Lithuania Post will be shipping postal cargo along this route in cooperation with LG CARGO, a Lietuvos Gelezinkeliai (Lithuanian Railways) company.
This method of carrying postal shipments will enable Lithuania to take delivery of shipments from China directly, without engaging any logistics brokers; besides, Lithuania Post will become a logistics hub for this type of shipments in Europe and will be delivering postal shipments from China to other European post offices. The first pilot railway car containing postal shipments from China was dispatched by rail on July 13. If the project works out, a regular weekly transport of postal cargo containers from China to Lithuania is due to be implemented.
Currently, all e-commerce goods from platforms such as Aliexpress reach Europe by air mail, because it is the fastest way to deliver shipments from China; however, with the air transport security requirements becoming tighter, and in a bid to reduce environmental pollution and the costs of transportation, the Chinese post office has set itself a target of carrying a large portion of e-commerce shipments by rail.

     Also probably Jack met representatives of the biggest internet store in Lithuania – well they are not exactly Lithuanian company – they belong to MCI investment group, which has several similar internet resources in Europe. “Karosas doesn’t deny meeting with founder of “Alibaba” in Vilnius” Naujas spėjimas: multimilijardierius Jackas Ma į Vilnių atvyko dėl partnerystės su „Pigu“
Tadas Karosas, a minority shareholder of Morele, the Polish owner of Lithuania’s e-retailer Pigu, does not deny that he met with Jack Ma, founder of the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, last week.
“It’s confidential, I can’t comment (…) I can’t deny,” he told BNS.
Poland’s e-commerce platform Morele, which is 51 percent owned by MCI, has been the sole shareholder of Pigu since last October. Pigu posted 86.793 million euros in consolidated revenue for the financial year started in April 2017, up 20.3 percent compared with the previous year. Net profits increased more than five-fold to 2.827 million euros. The company owns the online shop in Lithuania, in Latvia and in Estonia.
     Looks like, because of trade wars with USA, China is going to use both New Silk Ways – Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road to sell more to EU:
World Economic Forum: „China’s $900 billion New Silk Road. What you need to know“
Council on Foreign Relations (CFR): China’s Massive Belt and Road Initiative
China’s Belt and Road Initiative is the most ambitious infrastructure investment effort in history. But is it also a plan to remake the global balance of power?

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