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13 thousand parcels within an hour. LPP with a warehouse packed with technology

13 tys. paczek w ciągu godziny. LPP z magazynem naszpikowanym technologią
  • LPP Logistics has launched its largest e-commerce warehouse in the Bydgoszcz district.
  • The new fulfillment center is the 9th warehouse facility in the network managed by LPP Logistics, which currently amounts to nearly 600,000. m2.

The facility is located in the Białe Błota commune in the Bydgoszcz district, with an area exceeding 100,000 m2. m2, is the fifth and largest fulfillment center in the LPP Logistics network, which will increase the company's operational capacity and improve the delivery of orders in Poland and Central Europe. The first shipments to customers were sent at the beginning of July. Their efficient implementation is already supported by artificial intelligence algorithms, and the implementation of third-generation automatic solutions is planned in the coming months.

LPP built a large warehouse in the Białe Błota commune

The new fulfillment center of LPP Logistics is located in the Białe Błota commune in the Bydgoszcz district, close to expressways and a highway. Its good location in relation to the LPP Logistics distribution centers responsible for supplying e-commerce warehouses is also of key importance for the efficient operation of the LPP Group's logistics. The warehouse has an area of 100,000 m2. m2 with the possibility of storing up to 16 million pieces of clothing and accessories. Another 3 thousand m2. is a social and office space. The facility was stocked in June this year, and at the beginning of July the first orders began to be fulfilled.

– The launch of a new fulfillment center in the Bydgoszcz district is a response to business needs and the visible potential for the development of online sales. This location is of strategic importance to us, both due to its location and the adaptation of the facility to our needs related to supporting the Group's development. Only in the first quarter of this year. LPP's e-commerce sales increased by 23%. y/y has been a source of stable revenue for a long time. Previous market unpredictability and diversified e-commerce dynamics did not favor significant investments in cost-intensive technologies in logistics, but today's market is much more stable and encourages us to increase expenditures in this area. As a logistics operator of the LPP Group, we are adapting our operational capabilities to enable LPP brands to efficiently handle the growing number of orders. That is why we have chosen the latest third-generation warehouse automation standard, which will increase the efficiency of this fulfillment center from autumn – comments Sebastian Sołtys, president of the management board of LPP Logistics.

LPP invested in a shipping sorter

In the new warehouse facility, the company is installing, among others: to support artificial intelligence. The AI algorithms used are used to manage goods in real time and optimize the shipment process, making the work of order pickers easier. The system independently categorizes them, taking into account parameters such as specific delivery time or courier pickup times, which reduces the need to move around the warehouse and optimizes picking time. The use of a shipping sorter also has a significant impact on faster deliveries to customers, which, thanks to the automation of the shipping process and the distribution of orders between specific carriers, is able to handle up to 13,000. parcels within an hour.

– The new warehouse near Bydgoszcz will enable the handling of order volumes of up to 500,000. pieces per day. The use of the latest generation automation solutions will have a significant impact on maximizing these performance. Our starting point is the Goods to Person model, which is based on close cooperation between the automation used and the employee. The solutions we plan will reduce the need to move around the warehouse, as is the case with the so-called shelf system, where an employee manually retrieves items from various locations in the warehouse. By optimizing this process using robots that deliver products directly to the employee, we will significantly shorten the order fulfillment time and increase work comfort – comments Daniel Potoczniak, director of e-commerce logistics at LPP Logistics.

Picking Engine system in the new LPP warehouse

Over the next few months, the company plans to implement further robotics and automation solutions in stages. One of the key elements will be the Picking Engine system, which delivers appropriate items in containers to the workstation operator and reduces the need to move around the warehouse. The order picking process will also be supported by mobile AMR and ACR robots, which can move without additional external infrastructure. In turn, in the fourth quarter of this year it is planned to implement innovative sorters that will separate individual items into individual orders.

Despite the high degree of automation of the facility, it will employ up to 2,000 people. employees. Not only automatic solutions will have a significant impact on working conditions in the warehouse, but also the highest standards of sustainable construction, in line with the requirements of BREEAM certification at the Excellent level. In order to reduce the impact on the environment, energy-saving LED lighting, heat pumps and a 50kWp photovoltaic installation were used. With employees in mind, there are parking spaces for passenger cars and bus stops for employee transport on the premises.

The new fulfillment center is the 9th warehouse facility in the network managed by LPP Logistics, which currently amounts to nearly 600,000. m2. It is responsible for fulfilling e-commerce orders, supporting the other four warehouses of this type operating in Pruszcz Gdański, Jasionka near Rzeszów, as well as in Slovakia and Romania. In addition, the network also includes distribution centers in Gdańsk, Pruszcz Gdański, Brześć Kujawski and Romania. The new investment in Bydgoszcz fits into the LPP Group's plans related to the development of sales in Poland and abroad. By the end of 2025, LPP Logistics expects development expenses of PLN 450 million, and its warehouse space will increase to 700,000 sq m by that time. m2.

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